About Licosoft?

Licosoft developed web applications, games and software, which is free to download for everyone. Licosoft is not a business, and does not aim to get profit.


In August 2006, the first game created: Funflat Hotball. A few months later called the next game: Skikoerier. The months out I started practicing hard with Game Maker and when I started in December 2006 with a major project called Mystery of the labyrinth. This project lasted two years. Approximately in March / April came Funflat Mediaplayer. And a month later saw Happy Surf are born. In the summer of 2007 I started a new media player but this project is shut down. In November 2007 the name was changed to Funflat Licosoft. On 14 November 2008 a new addictive 2D game added called Disturbed Blue. On 17 July 2009, there is again a true 3D game. This game is called Becquerel Tunnel. In January 2010 we launched a new website. This is the website www.htmlschool.nl. This website contains courses and basic elements and attributes of HTML.

The developer:

My name is Corné van der Linden and I was born on 21 August 1991. That makes me 22 years old. I live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I graduated at the Hoornbeeck College MBO ICT Level 4 and am currently a software developer at a software company working in the orthopedic industry, also I study yet on the Avans Hogeschool in Breda for a HBO study Computer Science.